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The international at-sea intercomparison of fCO2 systems during the R/V Meteor Cruise 36/1 in the North Atlantic Ocean

Arne Körtzinger , Ludger Mintrop , Douglas W.R Wallace , Kenneth M Johnson , Craig Neill , et al.
Marine Chemistry, 2000, 72 (2-4), pp.171-192. ⟨10.1016/S0304-4203(00)00080-3⟩
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Identifying statistical properties of solar radiation models by using information criteria

Laurent Linguet , Yannis Pousset , Christian Olivier
Solar Energy, 2016, 132, pp.236-246. ⟨10.1016/j.solener.2016.02.038⟩
Journal articles meteo-01304572v1

Estimating Surface Solar Irradiance from GOES Satellite with Particle Filter Model and Joint Probability Distribution

Laurent Linguet , Jamal Atif
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 2015, 41 (2), pp.86-100. ⟨10.1080/07038992.2015.1040150⟩
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Technological process effects on SAW sensors devices characteristics and FEM estimation

Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Hamida Hallil , Véronique Conédéra , Adrian Laborde , et al.
2019 IEEE SENSORS, Oct 2019, Montreal, Canada. pp.1-4/C2P-J-5, ⟨10.1109/SENSORS43011.2019.8956567⟩
Conference papers hal-02490299v1

Maximum Economic Yield Fishery Management in the Face of Global Warming

Bassirou Diop , Nicolas Sanz , Yves Jamont Junior Duplan , El Hadji Mama Guene , Fabian Blanchard , et al.
Ecological Economics, 2018, 154, pp.52 - 61. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolecon.2018.07.027⟩
Journal articles hal-01856160v1

Simulation & experimental propagation of guided waves in bone

Fiona Somoreau , Ollivier Tamarin , Corinne Dejous , Dominique Rebière , Simon Hemour , et al.
Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France. pp.1877-1877, ⟨10.48465/fa.2020.0977⟩
Conference papers hal-03240354v1

Equivalent Circuit Models for SAW Delay Line Sensors

R. Jesus , E. Carvalho , O. Tamarin , R. Freire , Corinne Dejous
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2022, 10p. ⟨10.1109/JSEN.2022.3172604⟩
Journal articles hal-03661958v1

Finite Element Modelling and Computational Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Composite-Based Love Wave Sensor

Hamida Hallil , Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Emmanuel Flahaut , Qing Zhang , et al.
IEEE Sensors, Oct 2018, New Delhi, India
Conference papers hal-02299741v1
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Estimating the storage of anthropogenic carbon in the subtropical Indian Ocean: a comparison of five different approaches

M. Álvarez , Claire Lo Monaco , Toste Tanhua , A. Yool , Andreas Oschlies , et al.
Biogeosciences, 2009, 6 (4), pp.681-703. ⟨10.5194/bg-6-681-2009⟩
Journal articles hal-01205910v1

Mesoporous titania-coated biosensor and FEM model design for highly sensitive detection of low molecular weight targets

Ollivier Tamarin , Hamida Hallil Abbas , Wassim Ouelhazi , Maxence Rube , Jean Luc Lachaud , et al.
IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, 2019, 8p. ⟨10.1109/JERM.2018.2880883⟩
Journal articles hal-01999552v1

Conception et élaboration d’un microcapteur de biomolécule en milieu liquide couplant onde de Love et matrice poreuse fonctionnalisée

Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Jean-Luc Lachaud , Martine Sébéloué , Laurent Linguet , et al.
Journée CMC2 « Nanomatériaux, Microcapteurs, Objets communicants : Application à la santé et au bien-être », Club MicroCapteurs Chimiques, Nov 2019, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-02519386v1
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Temporal Decorrelation of Tropical Dense Forest at C-Band: First Insights From the TropiScat-2 Experiment

Salma El Idrissi Essebtey , Ludovic Villard , Pierre Borderies , Thierry Koleck , Jean-Pascal Monvoisin , et al.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2019, pp.1-5. ⟨10.1109/LGRS.2019.2937382⟩
Journal articles hal-02488980v1

Finite Element Modelling design and optimization of Love Wave mesoporous tranducers for biochemical detection in liquid medium

Ollivier Tamarin , Maxence Rube , Cédric Boissière , Jean-Luc Lachaud , Hamida Hallil , et al.
3rd International Symposium on Instrumentation Systems, Circuits and Transducers (INSCIT 2018), Aug 2018, Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. ⟨10.1109/INSCIT.2018.8546720⟩
Conference papers hal-02299738v1
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Interlocked grain and density patterns in Bagassa guianensis: changes with ontogeny and mechanical consequences for trees

Julie Bossu , Romain Lehnebach , Stéphane Corn , Arnaud Regazzi , Jacques Beauchêne , et al.
Trees - Structure and Function, 2018, 32 (6), pp.1643-1655. ⟨10.1007/s00468-018-1740-x⟩
Journal articles hal-01850456v1

Simulation and experimental propagation of guided waves in a phantom bone

Fiona Somoreau , Ollivier Tamarin , Corinne Dejous , Dominique Rebiere , Simon Hemour , et al.
Forum Acusticum 2020 – 15ème Congrès Français d’Acoustique, Dec 2020, Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-03088031v1

Application of Love wave sensing with mesoporous thin film

Ollivier Tamarin , Jean-Luc Lachaud , Hamida Hallil , Corinne Dejous , Dominique Rebière
34st Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices (SBMicro 2019), Aug 2019, São Paulo, Brazil
Conference papers hal-02299743v1

Optimization and design of a Love Wave sensor device at 433 MHz by Finite Element Modeling

Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Jean-Luc Lachaud , Martine Sébéloué , Laurent Linguet , et al.
International Symposium on Instrumentation Systems, Circuits and Transducers (INSCIT 2019), Aug 2019, São Paulo, Brazil
Conference papers hal-02299745v1
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Climate change in Africa: costs of mitigating heat stress

Ben Parkes , Jennifer Cronin , Olivier Dessens , Benjamin Sultan
Climatic Change, 2019, 154 (3-4), pp.461-476. ⟨10.1007/s10584-019-02405-w⟩
Journal articles hal-02904857v1

Minicurso 1 : Acoustic wave sensors for biochemical sensing: from laboratory to in situ measurements.

Ollivier Tamarin , Hamida Hallil , Jean-Luc Lachaud , Corinne Dejous , Dominique Rebiere
I Workshop Guyamazon: Tecnologias para Aquisição de Dados dos Solos, Mar 2018, São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Conference papers hal-02519375v1

Propagation of guided waves in bones

Fiona Somoreau , Ollivier Tamarin , Corinne Dejous , Dominique Rebiere , Simon Hemour , et al.
Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference (AFPAC), Jan 2020, Surrey, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-02519383v1
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Using the OpenStreetMap database to improve an object-based classification process. Application to a landcover product on small islands in the Indian Ocean

Christophe Révillion , Vincent Herbreteau
GEOBIA 2018 - From pixels to ecosystems and global sustainability ​, Jun 2018, Montpellier, France.
Conference poster hal-01957270v1

Exploring fungus extendashplant N transfer in a tripartite ant extendashplant extendashfungus mutualism

Céline Leroy , Alain Jauneau , Yves Martinez , Armelle Cabin-Flaman , David Gibouin , et al.
Annals of Botany, 2017, 120 (3), pp.417--426. ⟨10.1093/aob/mcx064⟩
Journal articles hal-02180955v1

Unconventional protocol for SAW sensor: multi-physic response enrichment in liquid medium

Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Martine Sébéloué , I. Sadli , H. Hallil , et al.
IEEE Sensors Journal, In press, 10p. ⟨10.1109/JSEN.2021.3094299⟩
Journal articles hal-03315716v1

Subtraction method in the second random-phase approximation: First applications with a Skyrme energy functional

D. Gambacurta , M. Grasso , Julien Engel
Physical Review C, 2015, 92 (3), pp.034303. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevC.92.034303⟩
Journal articles in2p3-01193119v1

A Dual Love wave and Impedance-based Sensor:Response Enrichment

Maxence Rube , Ollivier Tamarin , Martine Sébéloué , Hamida Hallil , Laurent Linguet , et al.
2020 IEEE SENSORS, Oct 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 4p
Conference papers hal-03088019v1
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Mobile Acoustic Wave Platform Deployment in the Amazon River: Impact of the Water Sample on the Love Wave Sensor Response

Ollivier Tamarin , Maxence Rube , Jean Luc Lachaud , Vincent Raimbault , Dominique Rebière , et al.
Sensors, 2020, 20 (1), pp.72. ⟨10.3390/s20010072⟩
Journal articles hal-02423797v1
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A database linking woody species, vibrational properties, and uses in musical instruments of the world

Iris Brémaud , Bernard Thibaut , Kazuya Minato
International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, ISMA2007, Sep 2007, Barcelona, Spain
Conference papers hal-01979437v1
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Temporal and Spatial Assessment of Four Satellite Rainfall Estimates over French Guiana and North Brazil

Justine Ringard , Melanie Becker , F. Seyler , Laurent Linguet
Remote Sensing, 2015, Satellite Climate Data Records and Applications, 7 (12), pp.16441-16459. ⟨10.3390/rs71215831⟩
Journal articles meteo-01304579v1

Mesures physiques et mécaniques des propriétés de la paroi pendant la maturation

Raoufeh Abedini , Marie Capron , Shan-Shan Chang , Françoise Laurans , Michel Ramonda , et al.
11es Journées du Réseau Français des Parois : Workshop StressInTrees, Jun 2017, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-01960125v1

Ocean salinity from satellite-derived temperature in the Antarctic Ocean

Mohamed Benallal , Hadger Moussa , Franck Touratier , Catherine Goyet , Alain Poisson
Antarctic Science, 2016, 28 (02), pp.127 - 134. ⟨10.1017/s0954102015000516⟩
Journal articles hal-01497493v1