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Structure: Internal structure identifier : 95351

High susceptibility of MDR and XDR Gram-negative pathogens to biphenyl-diacetylene-based difluoromethyl-allo-threonyl-hydroxamate LpxC inhibitors.

Marie Titecat , Xiaofei Liang , Chul-Jin Lee , Audrey Charlet , Didier Hocquet , et al.
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2016, 71 (10), pp.2874-82. ⟨10.1093/jac/dkw210⟩
Journal articles hal-01508758v1

Direct role of Bardet-Biedl syndrome proteins in transcriptional regulation.

Cecilia Gascue , Perciliz L Tan , Magdalena Cardenas-Rodriguez , Gabriela Libisch , Tamara Fernandez-Calero , et al.
Journal of Cell Science, 2012, 125 (Pt 2), pp.362-75. ⟨10.1242/jcs.089375⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00686313v1
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Proceedings of a Sickle Cell Disease Ontology workshop - Towards the first comprehensive ontology for Sickle Cell Disease

Nicola Mulder , Victoria Nembaware , Adekunle Adekile , Kofi A Anie , Baba Inusa , et al.
Applied & Translational Genomics, 2016, 9, pp.23-29. ⟨10.1016/j.atg.2016.03.005⟩
Journal articles pasteur-02012176v1
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Genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Cambodia, January 2020 to February 2021

Yvonne Su , Jordan Ma , Tey Putita Ou , Leakhena Pum , Sidonn Krang , et al.
Virus Evolution, 2023, 9 (1), pp.veac121. ⟨10.1093/ve/veac121⟩
Journal articles pasteur-04096785v1
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The ocean sampling day consortium

Anna Kopf , Mesude Bicak , Renzo Kottmann , Julia Schnetzer , Ivaylo Kostadinov , et al.
GigaScience, 2015, 4 (1), pp.27. ⟨10.1186/s13742-015-0066-5⟩
Journal articles hal-01174095v1
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Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain

Verneri Anttila , Brenda Sullivan , Hilary Finucane , Walter Walters , Jose Bras , et al.
Science, 2018, 360 (6395), eaap8757. ⟨10.1126/science.aap8757⟩
Journal articles cea-01870483v1
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Disruption of the basal body compromises proteasomal function and perturbs intracellular Wnt response.

Jantje M Gerdes , Yangfan Liu , Norann A Zaghloul , Carmen C Leitch , Shaneka S Lawson , et al.
Nature Genetics, 2007, 39 (11), pp.1350-60. ⟨10.1038/ng.2007.12⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00604846v1
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Impact of High-Dose Prophylactic Anticoagulation in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 Pneumonia

Charles Tacquard , Alexandre Mansour , Alexandre Godon , Julien Godet , Julien Poissy , et al.
Chest, 2021, 159 (6), pp.2417-2427. ⟨10.1016/j.chest.2021.01.017⟩
Journal articles hal-03285114v1

Atherosclerosis: Recent trials, new targets and future directions

Ricardo Ladeiras-Lopes , Stefan Agewall , Ahmed Tawakol , Bart Staels , Evan Stein , et al.
International Journal of Cardiology, 2015, 192, pp.72 - 81. ⟨10.1016/j.ijcard.2015.05.013⟩
Journal articles hal-01742815v1
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Functional analyses of variants reveal a significant role for dominant negative and common alleles in oligogenic Bardet-Biedl syndrome.

Norann A Zaghloul , Yangjian Liu , Jantje M Gerdes , Cecilia Gascue , Edwin C Oh , et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2010, 107 (23), pp.10602-7. ⟨10.1073/pnas.1000219107⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00604855v1
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Characterization of the Tubovesicular Network in Plasmodium vivax Liver Stage Hypnozoites and Schizonts

Kayla Sylvester , Steven P. Maher , Dora Posfai , Michael K. Tran , Mckenna C. Crawford , et al.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 2021, 11, pp.687019. ⟨10.3389/fcimb.2021.687019⟩
Journal articles hal-03494752v1
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Cystic diseases of the kidney: ciliary dysfunction and cystogenic mechanisms.

Cecilia Gascue , Nicholas Katsanis , Jose L Badano
Pediatric Nephrology, 2011, 26 (8), pp.1181-95. ⟨10.1007/s00467-010-1697-5⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00604842v1
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Hypomorphic mutations in syndromic encephalocele genes are associated with Bardet-Biedl syndrome.

Carmen C Leitch , Norann A Zaghloul , Erica E Davis , Corinne Stoetzel , Anna Diaz-Font , et al.
Nature Genetics, 2008, 40 (4), pp.443-8. ⟨10.1038/ng.97⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00604849v1

Lessons from the pandemic: Responding to emerging zoonotic viral diseases—a Keystone Symposia report

Jennifer Cable , Anthony Fauci , William E Dowling , Stephan Günther , Dennis A Bente , et al.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2022, 1518 (1), pp.209 - 225. ⟨10.1111/nyas.14898⟩
Journal articles pasteur-04122412v1

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy.

Daniel J Klionsky , Fabio C Abdalla , Hagai Abeliovich , Robert T Abraham , Abraham Acevedo-Arozena , et al.
Autophagy, 2012, 8 (4), pp.445-544. ⟨10.4161/auto.8.4.19496⟩
Journal articles hal-00735751v1
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Seroepidemiological Study of Interepidemic Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection Among Persons with Intense Ruminant Exposure in Madagascar and Kenya

Gregory C Gray , Benjamin D Anderson , A. Desirée Labeaud , Jean-Michel Heraud , Eric M Fèvre , et al.
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2015, 93 (6), pp.1364 - 1370. ⟨10.4269/ajtmh.15-0383⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01675349v1
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Spatial coordination between stem cell activity and cell differentiation in the root meristem.

Laila Moubayidin , Riccardo Di Mambro , Rosangela Sozzani , Elena Pacifici , Elena Salvi , et al.
Developmental Cell, 2013, 26 (4), pp.405-15. ⟨10.1016/j.devcel.2013.06.025⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01053494v1
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Plasmodium vivax Liver and Blood Stages Recruit the Druggable Host Membrane Channel Aquaporin-3

Dora Posfai , Steven P. Maher , Camille Roesch , Amélie Vantaux , Kayla Sylvester , et al.
Cell Chemical Biology, 2020, 27 (6), pp.719-727.e5. ⟨10.1016/j.chembiol.2020.03.009⟩
Journal articles hal-03494788v1
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Epistasis between RET and BBS mutations modulates enteric innervation and causes syndromic Hirschsprung disease.

Loïc de Pontual , Norann A Zaghloul , Sophie Thomas , Erica E Davis , David M Mcgaughey , et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2009, 106 (33), pp.13921-6. ⟨10.1073/pnas.0901219106⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00604838v1
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Comparative Loss-of-Function Screens Reveal ABCE1 as an Essential Cellular Host Factor for Efficient Translation of Paramyxoviridae and Pneumoviridae

Danielle Anderson , Kristin Pfeffermann , So Young Kim , Bevan Sawatsky , James Pearson , et al.
mBio, 2019, 10 (3), pp.e00826-19. ⟨10.1128/mBio.00826-19⟩
Journal articles pasteur-02273414v1
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Rare coding variants in PLCG2, ABI3, and TREM2 implicate microglial-mediated innate immunity in Alzheimer's disease

Rebecca Sims , Sven van Der Lee , Adam Naj , Céline Bellenguez , Nandini Badarinarayan , et al.
Nature Genetics, 2017, 49 (9), pp.1373-1384. ⟨10.1038/ng.3916⟩
Journal articles inserm-02466466v1